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Dust collector filter bags manufacturers & suppliers in India

BOMBINO offers a wide assortment of filter bags including fiberglass bags available in standard sizes or custom manufactured for dust filtration in industries like Textiles, Steel, Cement, Pharmacy, Plastic, Power Generation, etc. We manufacture and supply in most industrial and commercial applications including OEM bags. We DESIGN and MANUFACTURE any style Filtration Bags to meet your specific needs.

Industrial Filtration Bags From The Leading Supplier.

The need for bag-house users to operate reliably at temperatures up to 600° F challenged BOMBINO to develop a cost-effective filter media to meet high temperature demands.


industrial filter bags suppliers in india
Filter Bags Manufacturer in India
Filter Bag Manufacturer

BOMBINO produces filter bags for all types of bag house described by the filter cleaning method that customers employ, such as Pulse Jet, Reverse air and Mechanical shaker. Different styles of bags that we manufacture are snap and top, ring top, collar type, raw top, wear cuff, beaded cuff top, pocket top, tail top, expansion rings, open top, strap top and others.

Both media construction and finish make our fiberglass possible to use for filtration. We have more experience with the selection of filter cloth and the application of chemical finishes.. Our products and services are field tested and time proven.

Bombinobelts Tailored made bags are made from accurately cut fabric and sewn with specially treated high temp. resistant thread that give very strong and durable leak proof seam. Our trained professional are ready to offer you, virtually any size, style, configuration and capacity filter bags that meet your exact specification and application requirement.

Manufacturing Know-How

The key to optimum performance of fiberglass bags lies in the application of the chemical finish to the fiberglass fabric. These finishes protect the fiberglass yarns from harsh high temperature gases and provide a lubricant during the flexing which occurs in operation. Bombinobelts is the leading manufacturer that has the capability of applying these specialized chemical finishes. Not only were we the first to apply these finishes, but we continue to refine and develop new fabric treatments to extend filter bag life and improve performance.


Bombinobets has success with fiberglass bags on many rigorous applications including coal fired boilers, cement and lime kilns, carbon black, and metals manufacturing processing.

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