PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric

BOMBINO is a preferred name in manufacturing a wide range of PTFE coated fiber glass cloth and tapes. These cloth and tapes are manufactured in accordance with the current industry standards and are widely acknowledged for their easy operations, low maintenance and affordable prices.

PTFE fiberglass fabrics -

Teflon® coated fabric combine the easy release and heat resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene (also known as PTFE or Teflon®) with the strength and dimensional stability of fiberglass, creating a coated fabric suitable for a variety of demanding industrial applications. Dimensionally stabile in a range of temperatures from -100° to 550°F (-73° to 280°C), our PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, for use in food processing, packaging and handling. The fabric is made from woven fiberglass cloth that has been coated with PTFE.

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Manufacturers in India
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